Friday, April 1, 2016

Hello Blog readers,

The robot construction is underway as we speak and all the parts we ordered came in. Some flaws were found in the design that leads us to having to reprint the spar pieces but they are minor and we now have a secondary part to test with. 2 of the shell pieces are also printed and they fit together really nicely. The holes line up nicely and there are just some minor structural things like taping out holes and sanding to be done.

Also underway is the the fine tuning of the traces on the header for the Beaglebone Black and the positioning of the electrical components on the spar. Optimistically we hope to start testing very soon. The code is bringing together the different modules for the overall operation of the robot and testing of the gps has been going on for a few weeks now.

A paper based on the project and written by Daniel Cohen, Naru and Dr. Isenberg, is being presented at Norfolk, VA this weekend.


Hello Blog readers,

This week has been crazy, we are finishing up all the cad so we can print one last time and also writing code for the robot so we can do indoor demos and outdoor. This will based on PID controllers. We will also finishing the wiring and testing for the robot.


Hello Blog readers,

We are finishing the prints on the shell and completing the electronics and software for the robot. The final paper is underway and the testing documents and almost complete.

Here is this weeks quote of the week,

" Were working on it!" ~ Every Incurve Team Member

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