Monday, January 25, 2016

25Jan2016 Update AND 2-01-16

Team Incurve completed its design review and received feedback. Improves were a better electrical diagram, focus on getting robot to work and to dedicate more time to programming. Sustains include reaction to IT problems, responses to questions and over implementation plan. We also put the first purchase order for the electronics modules.

To do:
Better electrical diagram that includes protocols and pin connections
Select and purchase motors
Start coding simple programs such as a PWM and serial connection for familiarization
Start building and testing power source for BeagleBone Black
Determine when the next design review is going to be

( 2-01-16)
To do:
We need the EE diagrams that includes protocols and pin connections
Buy motors and work on CAD ( good to go)
Work on code so it can be moved on the THE BBB
Work on BBB and test parts ( good to go)

Fix charts and flowcharts
Work on sytem integration
Get comm. from BBB to code ect.
By Dan Cohen

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