Monday, November 2, 2015

Initial Design Explorations

We have been developing multiple CAD models of the robot system. Here are a few early versions where the pendulum does not have a full 360 degree range of motion from side to side.

We have since moved away from this system in favor of an omnidirectional capable design. We'll post those models soon.

Wooden Pendulum Structure (Gabe Bentz, 2015)
A plywood pendulum structure. Considered for its cost and manufacturing benefits was one early direction based off of the initail conceptual design. though, chunkier, it ensured that all budget constraints would be met. 

Hybrid Material Linear Actuator Design (Gabe Bentz, 2015)
A complete pendulum mechanism composed of aluminum and wood was later created. This system utilized a linear actuator to attain the side motion of the pendulum. It was going to use the actuator to pull cables which would swing the pendulum from side to side. This methodology put the weight of the motor used for side to side motion at the end of the pendulum which helped ensure the pendulum bob had the mass requirements to provide enough torque

The complete system can be viewed below inside of a complete sphere (The material of the Sphere is carbon fiber, the material was modified in CATIA in order to make it transparent)

Complete system for simulation with a Carbon Fiber Sphere (Gabe Bentz, 2015)
 All of these designs were rejected in favor of an omni-directional system, so none were completely detailed.

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